A Full-Time Coder, Boutique Lawyer

michael riceI’m a lawyer licensed in California and Washington State, but I write code professionally for a living–and I’ve done so since the mid-1990s. While there are many great intellectual property (IP) lawyers out there, there aren’t many with the depth of experience that I have actually writing code.
Most of my experience is based on enterprise Java, but I have a lot of experience with the full web stack from databases to front end JS architectures like Angular.

Services I Can Provide

Here’s just a partial list of the services I can provide:

  • Reviewing your Maven or Gradle dependencies for OS licensing issues
  • Reviewing the jQuery plugins your developers dropped in the code for licensing issues
  • Walking or coaching you through the process of filing your own patent application
  • Helping you make sure you’ve got all your assignment agreements in place among your founders, your business entity, and your contractors or employees
  • Making sure you’re not getting in over your head in a custom development project
  • Reviewing those REST APIs to make sure you’re not breaching your agreement
  • Pursuing a contractor who’s holding your code hostage over a contract dispute

Let’s Talk

I’m available for legal advice in California and Washington State and available as a consulting expert anywhere.

Let’s talk: (206) 817-8177 or by email. I try to be on Freenode as much as I can under michaelrice.

If You’re Concerned, a Word About Fees

I’ve noticed that many clients are hesitant to contact a lawyer because they assume they can’t afford them in the first place. So that doesn’t prevent you from reaching out to me, you should know that I almost always charge flat fees between $500 and $2,000 and I’m happy to take monthly payments to make it easy on your budget.


Seattle University School of Law
Law Review, Editorial Board
Magna cum laude (top 5%)

All Washington State courts
All California state courts
Central District of California
Western District of Washington

Judicial Clerk for the Hon. Eileen W. Hollowell, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona
Law Clerk for Folks and O’Connor
Law Clerk for Aeon Law Group (an IP firm)
Summer Associate at Otto Law Group (a startup/securities firm)

Career Experiences
Intel Corporation
ON Semiconductor (a Motorola spin off)
Microsoft Corporation